Irish probe into Apple privacy policies targets "very specific risk"

This could affect everyone who uses Apple devices according to Ireland's data commissioner...

Irish probe into Apple privacy policies targets "very specific risk"

Julien Behal / PA Archive

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon says that Ireland's probe into Apple's privacy policies is focused on a "very specific risk."

"This is something substantive that we want to look into. It's a type of area for audit that will affect lots of data subjects and probably any data subject that uses Apple devices in particular," she said, speaking to the Irish Independent.

"The Office has recently received a number of related individual complaints from the Bavarian data protection authority that concern an aspect of personal data processing by Apple," she continued.

Irish authorities are yet to engage with Apple - that process is expected to begin in the autumn.

"Due to the nature of the issues which could affect many users, it is intended this Office will scope a number of questions arising from the complaints for audit and inspection with Apple. It may be the case that when the scoping and any arising audit and inspection are completed, no substantive issues or contraventions will be identified or, equally, it may be the case that the DPC will seek to make recommendations for compliance with the Data Protection Acts," Ms Dixon added.

Irish authorities are currently investigating software giant Adobe over issues related to its ebook division.