Microsoft takes aim at Google Chrome's battery drain

The tech giant boasts its new Edge browser gives users 70% more battery life...

Microsoft takes aim at Google Chrome's battery drain

Microsoft is claiming that its new Edge web browser will do wonders for the battery life of your Windows 10 device, surpassing the power efficiency of its rivals.

In a Monday blog post, the tech giant detailed its trials on the effects of Microsoft Edge on battery life when compared to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Microsoft reported that its browser outlasts the others, delivering between 17% - 70% more battery life than the competition.

Testing what happened, under laboratory conditions, when streaming the same high-definition video on a Surface Book, Microsoft found that the Edge browser lasted three hours longer than Google Chrome – "long enough to finish the final movie in your favourite trilogy, while the competition stalls halfway through."

That works out at 70% more battery life than when using Chrome, and 43% more than Firefox.

Microsoft also cited a recent Wall Street Journal article, which opined that when it comes to industry benchmarks and WSJ speed tests, "Edge and Chrome were neck and neck for first place," whilst the "two clunky yet long-surviving third-party browsers" Firefox and Opera trailed.

The article did find that Edge doesn't hog as much computer power as Chrome, but declared it to be "still too rough around the...edges."

According to NetMarketShare, which Microsoft has often referenced as the most accurate source for measuring browser popularity, Chrome currently occupies the top spot.

It accounts for 45.63% of the market share. Microsoft Edge has 4.99%, while its predecessor Internet Explorer still has over a third of the market cornered despite dropping 20% year-on-year.