Volkswagen to consider cutting up to 40 car models

The company is planning big changes as it hopes to put its emission scandal in the rearview mirror...

Volkswagen to consider cutting up to 40 car models

Jens Meyer / AP

Volkswagen is expected to cut 40 car models across the group as part of a new business strategy, according to weekend reports from German newspaper Handelsblatt.

It currently manufactures some 340 car models across its brands which include Audi, Seat, and Skoda, but the German paper says that company sources have revealed that this number is likely to be reduced to closer to 300.

Responding to the story, the company said that while models will be discontinued, it is yet to decide how many.

"A decision on how many models will be phased out or ceased has not been taken yet," a spokesperson said.

The Germany company announced plans last week to reorder its business and to invest €10bn in electronic cars, automated driving, and ride-sharing technology.

It hopes to become a leader in green transport by 2025 and pledges to "be more focused, efficient, innovative, customer-driven and sustainable - and systematically geared to generating profitable growth."

The Germans hope to launch 30 new electronic car models during the next 10 years.

Volkswagen has set aside $18bn to cover the cost of refitting cars with devices to cheat emission tests.

It is also expected to face further fines and legal costs.