Want to cut down your procrastination and increase productivity?

RescueTime is a mobile and desktop application that helps

If you work on a computer you will understand the power of procrastination. There has been many a time  when I have sat down to write an important email and ended up looking at cat videos on YouTube. This is not good for productivity. To help monitor what I do and identify how I can work better, I've started to use RescueTime.

RescueTime runs in the background of a device and categorises how the user spends their time. It's possible to see a live report of how time is being spent. Having used it for some time now, I have found that it really helps reduce my procrastination as every minute I'm at my desk is accounted for. 

Setting up a RescueTime account is very easy. Simply fill in a basic user-form and away you go. Users can download an app for desktop and and mobile devices. Using this programme for even a week can help identify key issues with productivity and particular weaknesses when it comes to procrastination.  

Both the desktop and mobile application are free to download. There's a premium option available, but I didn't see a need to upgrade.