Microsoft enters the weed business

The company will track legalised marijuana sales in the US

Tech giant Microsoft has teamed up with a California startup, which helps businesses and government agencies track sales of legalised marijuana. This is the first time Microsoft has entered such a partnership. 

The startup, named Kind Financial, has been selling its marijuana tracking software to businesses and governments for over three years now. The software can help those bodies track the entire process "from seed to sale". A press release issued by Kind Financial explained what exactly the company does

"KIND Financial makes cannabis compliance easy by providing technology and tools that empower marijuana-related businesses to transact safely, securely and in adherence with the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines governing the cannabis industry.  KIND's Technology Platform facilitates the entire cannabis-business lifecycle through its Agrisoft Seed to Sale software, which provides retail operations, growers, and producers in the cannabis industry with the critical tools for plant tracking and management; and, full enterprise resource management across the organisation."

The start-up will now be able work on Microsoft's government cloud.

Microsoft told the Weed Blog it was looking forward to working with Kind "to help our government customers launch successful regulatory programs."