Apple tax verdict in Ireland could be made by July

Finance Minister comments on speculation of upcoming decision

Apple tax verdict in Ireland could be made by July

Image: Photocall Ireland

The Finance Minister says a verdict from the European Commission on Apple's tax arrangements with Ireland could come as early as next month.

Brussels opened the probe two years ago and in a previous preliminary finding said the tax arrangements with the multi-national were improperly designed to give the company a financial boost in return for jobs.

Speaking as he arrived at a Eurogroup meeting in Brussels, Michael Noonan signalled we're nearing a final ruling:

"It's an issue on whether there is state-aid or not, so it's not really being evaluated on taxation bands, it's state-aid bands. We've co-operated fully and given them all of the information they've requested, as have the revenue commissioners. There's speculation as to whether there'll be a decision made in July, but that's speculation and rumour. There may be before the summer, but we're not sure."