Good news, iPhone owners: iOS 10 will allow you to uninstall the 'Stocks' app you never use

The news was unveiled at WWDC last night...

Anyone who has ever purchased a 16GB iPhone will know the true pain of the "Stocks" app. This app, along with Weather, Watch, Tips and Health, comes as standard on all iPhones and it's not possible to delete them. They take up precious storage space and few people actually use them. 

Apple have finally listened and users will be able to uninstall the applications once iOS10 becomes available. This is good news for those of us with a folder like this on our phones:

The Apple built apps will be available to download from the App Store, should anyone want to do so. While this feature will be welcomed by the users, it wasn't actually mentioned on stage during the WWDC keynote speech. It definitely is happening though; as this BETA tester confirmed 

iOS 10 will be available to download from the beginning of September.