Philips launches 'smart toothbrush'

Bluetooth connectivity to map your mouth...

Philips launches 'smart toothbrush'


Philips Sonicare has launched a brand new toothbrush that communicates with your smartphone.

The Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected is Bluetooth-enabled and boasts a number of sensors that track just how good a job you're doing making your pearly whites even whiter before relaying the information to an app, available now for iOS and Android.

As you brush, a 3D map of your mouth details which teeth you're brushing, whether you're brushing too much or not enough, if you're brushing too hard, and if you've missed any spots once you've completed a two-minute scrub.

It can't identify individual gnashers, however, just ranges of five or six teeth at a time.

The app also provides all the Fitbit-style options you'd expect, with progress reports, goals to be achieved, motivational messages (yes, really) and even alerts when your brush head needs changing.

Your data can then be sent on to your dentist if you so wish.

The Bluetooth-brush lands in July and will set you back €170.

Philips previously launched connected brush for kids, with an app that prompted children to brush twice a day and featured a "game" with the aim of cleaning a furry monster's dirty teeth.

Kolibree demonstrated their electric connected toothbrush - the very first of its kind - at Mobile World Congress back in February 2014.