UK start-up helps landlords and employers 'deep-dive' into your social media data

This is slightly creepy and may make you rethink your online output

We all know by now that we need to be careful about what information we share online. Everything from photos and Facebook statuses to bank details and passwords need to be uploaded with caution. It's no secret that many potential employers check the social media output for a would-be employee, but a new start up is taking that one step further. 

British start up Score Assured have unveiled a new product called "Tenant Assured". Co-founder, Steven Thronhill, says the company wants to "take a deep dive into private social media profiles" and sell their findings to prospective employers and landlords.  

Landlords send a request to would-be tenants. By accepting the invite, the tenant is granting full access to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Tenant Assured then sweeps through the data, including conversation threads and private messages. This information is then run through language and analytic software to produce a report on the user's personality and "financial stress level".

Caitlin Dewey, writer with The Washington Post, inserted her details to Tenant Assured and this is what she found:


The results page provides an easy to read overview of the potential tenant.  

“If you’re living a normal life then, frankly, you have nothing to worry about" Thornhill told Dewey.

The company believes their product will empower and inform both landlords and tenants before they enter an agreement. It will allow landlords to spot lies on applications and provide a fuller picture than might be available in a credit report or simple background check.