Review: Budget smoothie maker that does the job

The smoothie-maker market has heated up, but you don’t need to break the bank

Kitchen tech is under-appreciated in my opinion. There are many devices in my own kitchen that I would be lost without, such as my air-fryer and my coffee machine. I recently added to my modest range of kitchen tech with a smoothie maker, and I'm delighted that I did!

As I walked around the store, looking at the various devices on offer, I noticed a huge disparity in the price; some devices marked over €180 while others were less than €50. 

I wasn't sure if I'd use a smoothie maker everyday, so was unlikely to spend more than €80. This reduced my options considerably. I came across the Kenwood range and remembered reviewing the Sport Smoothie 2Go for The Pat Kenny Show earlier in the year. This was marked down from €44.90 to €33.90. Part of me was looking for a catch, but my sensible side won out and I bought it. 

When I took the device home, I remembered why I liked. It’s incredibly easy to use. Within the box is the motor, two sports cups and two lids.

I’m by no means good in the kitchen, so simplicity is key for me. I threw what fruit and veg I had in the fridge into one of the sports cups and turned the dial on the motor. Seconds later I had a delicious smoothie that took very little effort to make.

There are two settings on the device, which allow the user to set the speed of the process, and that’s all there is to it.

I have used it everyday since I purchased it and would highly recommend it.