Wireless charging for the iPhone has arrived

Rumours say the iPhone 7 will have wireless charging, but iPhone 6 / s users can do it now

As we all know by now, very few smartphones can get through the day without a battery top up at some stage. Many of us, who have not yet embraced induction charging or who own an iPhone, have multiple charger cables hanging from our desks, but that could soon be a thing of the past for iPhone users. 

If you haven't heard of Mophie before, you should definitely check them out. They sell a whole host of accessories for mobile phones and it looks as though their Juice Pack Wireless could be a game changer for iPhone 6 users. Here's how their site describes the device:

"The juice pack wireless made for iPhone 6s/6 provides full case protection and the extra power you expect from mophie as well as the option to recharge the phone and case using virtually any wireless charging technology." 

The case, which is an incredibly thin cover, adds an extra 50% onto the battery life of an iPhone 6 / s. It also enables the device to charge wirelessly.  


It's also possible to buy a desk or car dock for the charger, ensuring your device will remain in place, safely. This is very handy for those who use their phones as a GPS. 

The pack is available to buy online and retails at €109.95