Michael O’Leary: Dublin is run by “dim and pretty stupid” cyclists

Ryanair boss hits out at cyclists and Luas drivers in latest tirade

Dublin is run by “dim and pretty stupid” cyclists, Michael O’Leary has claimed.

In an interview on Newstalk Breakfast, the Ryanair chief executive criticised council “bureaucrats” seeking to impose new traffic restrictions from the end of the year.

The businessman, who previously said cyclists should be "taken out and shot", called plans to reduce speed limits across the capital “madness”.

He also defended his description of independent TDs as “lunatics” - a remark that drew ire last month.

Mr O'Leary said voters who elect “the local idiot or campaigner for the local lunatic asylum” should be held responsible for the instability of the new minority government.

Criticising Sinn Féin’s economic policies, he said he would emigrate if the party came to office and hiked up taxes on the rich.

“I would hate to see the Shinners and other lunatics in power, but I accept the fact that every two or three terms you let lunatics loose in asylum and see what a mess they make of it - a bit like Corbyn in the UK,” he told the programme.

The Ryanair boss, who has an annual salary of €1 million before bonuses, also hit out at Luas drivers engaged in industrial action for better pay.

He described striking workers as “headbangers” and said he “would have sacked the whole lot of them” if he ran the tram service. 

“Students on summer holidays” could be hired to do their jobs instead, he said.