JD Wetherspoon pushes Brexit with beer mats

Pub chain gets political, unfavourably comparing IMF to FIFA...

JD Wetherspoon pushes Brexit with beer mats

Picture by: Katie Collins / PA Archive/Press Association Images

JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin is one UK business leader who has come out strongly in favour of a 'Leave' vote in the upcoming Brexit referendum, and now his pubs are rolling out beer mats that aim to get his message out there to drinkers across Britain.

Some 200,000 beer mats asking pointed questions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its MD Christine Lagarde, and bearing the slogan "Vote 'Leave' - take back control" will hit tables in the over-920 Wetherspoon branches across the UK today.

The mats ask whether the IMF's governance has been any better than famously corrupt footballing body FIFA on one side, and feature a letter from Tim Martin to Lagarde on the other:

Credit: Wetherspoon

Martin has said of the mats:

"The Government has paraded a number of financial institutions in front of the public, who have, in my view, grossly distorted our financial prospects in the event of a Brexit.

"Corporate governance at the IMF is clearly out of control and Christine Lagarde would have been obliged to resign at any normal Plc or institution until the matters in question were resolved.

"The UK public have been asked to rely on her comments by both George Osborne and David Cameron in the forthcoming referendum and she must now answer the questions on the beer mats and others that the public may have".

The move comes after Ryanair took the opposite side and decked out a jet with 'Vote Remain', pro-EU messages earlier this month.

In the wake of that stunt, 'Vote Leave' campaigners argued that the low fares Irish airline had broken electoral law. A Brexit "referendum sale" was also investigating by UK police.