Download your Facebook archive: See every person you've ever unfriended and device used

It's possible to see every element of your Facebook history

Have you ever wondered just how much information Facebook has about you? Well, here's how you can find out. 

Everything you do on your Facebook profile, from any device, is stored in some way shape or form. Following the steps below will lead to the downloading of a zip file. The information within that file includes everything from how many friends you have to how many times you've changed your profile photo. 

While some of this information could be deemed to be slightly pointless, there are some nuggets of gold in there. One of the key benefits of doing this is to download every photo you've ever uploaded to Facebook. The "Friends" tab also informs you who you've unfriended over the years. 

Without further ado, here's how to do it:

Click on the downward facing arrow and select settings.

From there, select "Download a copy". You will be then asked to verify your password. 

You will be brought to this screen. I received an email from Facebook ten minutes later with a link to a zip file. I downloaded it and it contained all of my information.