Sydney suburb protests free McDonald's pop-up store

Residents are concerned a permanent restaurant will follow...

Sydney suburb protests free McDonald's pop-up store

Photo: McDonald's Australia

While Wicklow councillors prepare to vote on a "no fry zone" that wold stop fast-food outlets setting up within 400 metres of parks or playgrounds, a McDonald's pop-up offering free french fries on the opposite side of the planet is also facing public opposition.

The "Fries With That" pop-up will open for three days in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Glebe for three days and offer people the chance to try six new toppings for fries.

However, the temporary store, set to be housed in a former cinema, has come under fire before even becoming operational however.

A "No McDonald's" working group has even been established in the area, with residents voicing concerns that the pop-up is there to test whether the fast-food titan could permanently open a restaurant in Glebe.

Amanda Tattersall, organiser of the working group, told Fairfax Media:

"You don't open a store to make a loss and you don't open a store to move away.

"We would really encourage people to not use the store and provide metrics or money to a global company that is not welcome in Glebe".

A petition against the pop-up, which aims to protect Glebe's "wonderful cafe culture", has been signed nearly 1,000 times.

It states:

"You want to build a store in Glebe. We have tried to ask you if it's a pop up store, or a rebranded McCafe. You won't answer our questions.

"But here is the message McDonald's — don't open a store in Glebe. And if you do open one. Please close it now!

"We all know that most of your food is bad quality (no matter how much you pretend otherwise) — high in fat, high in sugar, made with poorly sourced ingredients. We know around the world that you pay your workers low wages too".

McDonald's currently has over 900 outlets across Australia but has met fierce resistance when trying to expand in recent times.