Brazil expands probe into possible Olympic Games corruption

Spotlight on Olympic Park and the Deodoro area home to the Olympic venues in Rio...

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Image: John Giles / PA Archive/PA Images

The 2016 Summer Olympics come to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro from August 5th but allegations of corruption surrounding its organisation continue to swirl in the summer.

Now, according to Reuters, investigations are intensifying.

Brazilian officials have expanded their probe into possible corruption to include all the venues and services financed with federal funds.

This moves the investigation from its previous focus on "legacy" projects to matters directly tied to the staging of Rio 2016, including Olympic Park and the Deodoro area which holds a number of Olympic venues.

Lead prosecutor Leandro Mitidieri told Reuters:

"It's not just the physical works we're looking at – it is contracts for services, security, everything that used federal funds".

Mitidieri has revealed that his team is also looking into what happened to funds earmarked cleaning Guanabara Bay, where sailing events will be held, and lakes surrounding venues in the Barra neighborhood.

These bodies of waters remain badly contaminated despite promises to improve them as part of the Olympics "legacy" project.

Another team is investigating whether Cedae, a Rio state water utility firm, committed environmental crimes by not properly treating sewage in Rio's metropolitan area.

Mitidieri said that we can expect detailed announcements about the investigations findings in the coming weeks.

On Monday, the Brazilian Minister of Planning Romero Jucá was forced to resign after he was caught on tape allegedly calling for President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment in order to stop the largest corruption investigation in the nation's history.

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