Five things I’ve learned from my three days in Vienna

Our Technology Correspondent is in the Austrian city for a conference

I never would have thought of Vienna as a tech hub, but this past week has opened my eyes to a vibrant techie scene that is bubbling away. I would not be surprised if the city resembles Dublin in five years time.

While I’ve only been here a few days, I’ve made a nuber of observations about the city and I’ve decided to share them with you. (Lucky you).

1) The city is stunning

I gasped or audibly said “wow” after turning most corners. Google images will show you the some of the architecture, but it’s only when you see it up close and personal that you can fully appreciate its beauty. I have a creek in my neck from looking around so much. 

2) The local food is weird, but when in Rome…

Schnitzel is something that you almost have to try when in Austria. I went for dinner with two proud Austrians on Sunday night and was told to embrace the food. I am nothing if not obidient, so I had asparagus soup, which was delicious and then some form of schnitzel, which was… dry. It came with a bowl of potatoes, swimming in an apple sauce. I wasn’t a fan, but at least I can say I tried.

3) The wine is sublime

I would not count myself as a wine connoisseur but I like a nice glass of wine. The Austrian wine is quite famous and so, naturally, I had to try it. We drank from the Wachau region and it was glorious. The beer goes down rather splendidly on a hot day too.

4) Tourist tat costs a pretty penny

While most things seemed to be affordable to me, I couldn’t help but notice the price of the ‘souvenirs’ and how much they varied from shop to shop. There are many shops located outside the St Stephen’s Cathedral and the variance in price for the same item was between €1 and €4. Shop around if you’re buying gifts. It’s a pain, but will save you a few quid in the long run.

5) Walk where possible

I have been in Vienna since Sunday afternoon and have never enjoyed walking around a city as much as Vienna. It is very easy to navigate and there are beautiful buildings everywhere to keep you entertained. While they do boast an incredibly efficient transport system, I would urge you to walk the random, narrow streets and discover all you can.