Friday Download: The Irish app that will tell you what to do this weekend

Tino is the app that has been turning good nights into great nights

There's two main questions on everyone's mind before they head out; who else is going and where are they heading? 

Tino is a new app which shows you who is going out and displays the venues that your friends are going to on a map, making socializing and arranging the perfect night out with your friends simple and head-ache free. It’s the anywhere, anytime App that gets you plugged right into your social circle. Tino also show you the trending venues with your friends any night of the week.

In today’s world, trying to find out who’s going out on any given night, in a subtle manner of course, can quickly transform into a never ending trawl through many different social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, What’s App, Instagram or Twitter. Why not remove this annoying process altogether and download Tino.

Speaking about the App, Shane Gaffney, founder says “Tino is the App that turns good nights out into great nights out! There are two questions on everyone’s mind before a night out; “who’s heading out?” and “where to?”! Tino solves this by connecting you to your Facebook friends while also allowing you to add new ones on the app. Tino lets you know who is going out without the hassle of endless back and forth messages and phone calls between friends.”

Tino is free and available on IOS and Android via the app store and google play.