At €33,000 one way, Etihad Airways launches the world's most expensive flight

The flight, connecting passengers from New York to Mumbai, offers an exclusive three-room suite to those with deep pockets

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[Etihad Airways]

Etihad Airways has revealed the world’s most expensive flight with the debut of its new route that connects the Indian financial hub of Mumbai to New York, via Dubai. Those with deep pockets wishing to avail of the airline’s luxurious private suite, called The Residence, will need to be willing to fork over roughly €33,000 for a one-way ride.

Luxurious travel has become a calling card for the United Arab Emirates national carrier, where the ultra rich can fly in a private three-room cabin staffed by a butler trained at The Savoy. When 30,000ft in the air, passengers can relax in a 125-square feet suite that comes with a double bedroom, a lounge, and a bathroom with its own shower.

Customised meals are served on the airline’s signature 24-carat gold-plated tableware and cutlery, while the exclusive wine list is served from crystal glassware. Meals are served in from of the 32-inch flat-screen LCD television.

Before turn down service readies the Italian-linen bed for a nap in front of a 27-inch television screen, a lifestyle concierge team will make plans for your arrival, including making reservations at restaurants or organising tickets for events.

The Residence is only available on one of Etihad’s five Airbus A380s, the world’s largest passenger plane, each capable of carrying 496 passengers.

Long story short, none of us – with the exception of Dannii Minogue – will ever travel in this, so don’t forget to pack a sandwich for your next flight.

[H/T: Mashable]

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