Irish wages among highest in Europe

We're the second best when price differences between countries are taken into account...

Ireland has ranked in the Top 5 in Europe when it comes to high wages.

According to a study commissioned by careers website Glassdoor, the Irish came fourth, behind Switzerland, Norway and Denmark.

Our average nominal wages are €50,000 per annum; Switzerland offer the best at €72,000. Wages are lowest in Estonia at €13,000.

When taking into account 'purchasing power parity' – that is, price differences between countries – Ireland has the second highest average income, at approximately €40,000.

A standard of living sub-index, measuring the gap between price levels and our take-home pay, had us in 8th position.

Workers in Switzerland, Denmark and Germany enjoy the highest overall living standards in Europe, Estonia, Greece and Portugal – despite the affordable cost of living – rank among the least advantageous countries for employees.

Dublin was named as the eight most expensive city in Europe. Geneva, Zurich and London are the three most expensive cities.

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