Continental Europeans fear Brexit more than British

Though the feeling is growing across the Irish Sea that Britain will remain...

A Brexit survey of five European nations has shown that countries on the continent are more concerned about Britain leaving the European Union than United Kingdom residents.

TNS found that 78% of Germans, over two-thirds of Spaniards and nearly six out of 10 French people want the UK to remain in the EU.

These figures were far higher than British results, with a mere 38% of Britons favouring a 'No' vote.

The percentage of those wishing to leave the union runs it close, with just over 34% planning to vote 'Yes' in the Brexit referendum on June 23rd.

However, 40% of Britons expect Brexit to fail, with just 26% of those surveyed anticipating a departure.

The other countries even more optimistic - 47% of those think Britain will remain in the EU.

Another TNS poll from last week showed that referendum campaigns have not been having a major effect, with the portion of undecided UK voters remaining steady at 30%.

Meanwhile, British justice secretary Michael Gove has insisted that the UK's financial services sector would "thrive" outside the EU, and that Britain would forge its own deal with the union rather than remain in the EU's tariff-free bloc of 500 millions consumers.

His words run counter to the pro-EU sentiments of British prime minister David Cameron, who warned that Brexit would be "the gamble of the century" in February.