This week on Down to Business: Unicorns, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and electronic cars

We've plenty to get through tomorrow...

This week on Down to Business: Unicorns, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and electronic cars

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Down to Business is live tomorrow morning and, as ever, Bobby Kerr has a jam-packed show in store.

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Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Cockroaches and Unicorns - Lately we’ve been reading about companies, most of them tech start-ups, worth huge amounts of money, sometimes in the billions but they make very little actual money.  But are these companies, referred to as Unicorns, in danger of running out of steam before they make any actual money and  Should we be worried in Ireland with all the various tech start-ups with Irish offices? We’ve convened a motley crew of concerned tech and business heads; we speak to one of Ireland’s greatest Tech Entrepreneurs Ray Nolan, Andy O’Donoghue the producer of the Gadget Buzz on TV3 and Rowan Devereux who is the Director and founder of Roznat Investments Ltd a privately held investment company that specialises in angel and early stage tech start-up funding.
  • Boris Johnson and the Greyhound Track - London may or may not be about to lose its last Greyhound track. This would have big repercussions for the Irish Greyhound business which supplies many of the dogs to the UK Circuit. Help may be at hand though as well-known Irish Business Man Paschal Taggart has been called in by Boris Johnson to look at possibly redeveloping the stadium. We speak to Paschal.
  • Electric Car - Bobby road tests the hi-tech Tesla SP 90 and lives to tell the tale.
  • TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, otherwise known as TTIP, between the EU and the US has been a topic of conversation among European media since talks began in 2013. But in Ireland it has made few headlines. What is TTIP and should the Irish people, SMEs and the government be concerned about it? Is it an agreement for corporate rights that will stifle public policy making? Or is it simply about harmonising standards and giving SMEs a chance? We speak to by Barry Finnegan who is a Senior lecturer of the faculty of Journalism & Media Communications in Griffith College and researcher with ATTAC Ireland; and Mark O’Mahony who is the Director of Policy & Communications - Chambers Ireland.
  • Language School - We’ve all seen Spanish and Italian students swarm through the streets of our cities en masse eating Ice-Creams and wondering where Bono lives - so this week we thought we’d take a look at ‘Language Schools’ in our Industry Review. It’s a business that attracted some negative attention over the last few years when some schools, so-called ‘Visa-Factories,' were forced to close. But the business, when properly run, brings around half a billion Euro to the Economy. We’re joined by Justin Quinn from the Centre for English Studies, Nico Dowling Director of Atlas Language School and Danny Barron from the Carlow International Language School
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - Emotional Intelligence isn’t a concept you expect to hear bandied about in most boardrooms or business but maybe you should. Dr David Caruso is from Yale University and is one of the world’s foremost experts in Emotional Intelligence. He’s is leading three days of business management education and training at the Irish Management Institute (IMI). He'll be assessing Bobby’s empathy ...
  • Executive Chair- Enda Corneille Country Manager for Emirates. Enda Chats to Bobby about the continuing growth of the Dubai Carrier