New Irish construction projects skyrocket

Nowhere near the levels needed to deal with the housing crisis, however...

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Pictured land being developed in Clongriffin in Dublin | Image:

The value of new Irish construction projects leapt 68% in 2015, according to a Construction Information Services (CIS) report on the property sector.

These 2,213 new projects came to a total of €5.6 billion last year, dwarfing the 1,437 projects from 2014.

New Irish properties would make a vast difference in tackling the country's current housing crisis and the new figures suggest construction activity is heading in the right direction.

The CIS say, however, that the figures fall well short of the 25,000 new homes they feel are required annually:

"It is anticipated that approximately 12,000 units will be built in 2016, which is less than half of that required to meet normal demand".

Unsurprisingly, Dublin and its surrounding areas accounts for the majority of projects – some 53%. That's a slight fall from the 2014 figure of 56%.