Rolex named world's most reputable company

As last year's number one also falls behind Walt Disney and Google...

Rolex named world's most reputable company

Image: flickr/hypophyse

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Rolex has been awarded the title of world's most reputable company.

The company, whose timepieces are synonymous with wealth and quality, topped the Reputation Institute's Global RepTrak® 100, the world’s largest annual survey of corporate reputations.

Ratings are based on online polls of over 240,000 people in 15 countries, taking into account factors such as innovation, leadership, performance, products/services and the company's workplace.

Rolex scored particularly well when it came to its products and services. Its 80 score in that category – an "excellent" reputation being represented by a score of 80 or more – highlights the esteem in which its watches are held.

Rolex, which had place in the Top 5 for the past two years, dethroned BMW, with the company tumbling into fourth.

There was inevitably worse news for another high-profile German car manufacturer, as Volkswagen plummeted from 14th place to 123rd following the emissions scandal.

The Top 10 for 2016:

1. Rolex
2. The Walt Disney Company
3. Google
4. BMW Group
5. Daimler
6. LEGO Group
7. Microsoft
8. Canon
9. Sony
10. Apple

Walt Disney fared best in citizenship and governance, Apple is the global leader in innovation and leadership, and Google was lauded for performance and workplace.

Ireland was not involved in the survey and the Reputation Institute does not currently track companies indigenous to Ireland.