US Supreme Court to review Apple vs. Samsung case

Apple has been arguing that Samsung copied their iPhone designs...

US Supreme Court to review Apple vs. Samsung case

Mark Lennihan / AP

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung over whether the latter party copied iPhone designs is set to rumble on, as the US Supreme Court weighs in.

The South Korean manufacturer of Galaxy phones had been ordered to pay $930 million to Apple, and eventually agreed to pay $548 million in damages to the Cupertino tech heavyweight in December.

That payment was pending an appeal.

Part of the damages is already set to be examined by a lower court this spring, and the Supreme Court's decision to get involved will be seen as a big boost to Samsung's case.

It will be the first time the highest federal court of the United States will look at design patents since as far back as the 1800s.

The court will only be looking at whether the financial penalties Samsung faces are excessive.

The legal dispute dates back to 2011, when Apple made the case that Samsung had stolen iPhone design features, including icon design and its rounded front.

In 2012, a federal jury agreed that Samsung models such as the Galaxy S II and the Droid Charge infringed upon Apple patents.

A Samsung spokesperson said on Monday:

""We welcome the court's decision to hear our case.

"The court’s review of this case can lead to a fair interpretation of patent law that will support creativity and reward innovation".

The cases will be heard this autumn, with a ruling not expected until early 2017.