Budweiser argues McGregor has "adult appeal" after ad ban

RTÉ refused to air the 'Dream Big' commercial...

Budweiser has defended its 'Dream Big' advertisement, which features Conor McGregor and has been banned by RTÉ.

The national broadcaster decided not to air the ad due to concerns that it is in breach of advertising regulations.

They cited rules set out by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) which forbid commercials from encouraging children to consume alcohol.

Though the UFC star is not shown drinking alcohol or even make reference to it in the clip, RTÉ felt the UFC featherweight champion comes under the "heroes of the young" category.

In a statement, Budweiser disputes this:

"Conor is an aspirational figure for people who wish to follow their dreams and ambitions.

"Based on independent statistical research, Conor McGregor has an overwhelming adult appeal.”

Paul Mulligan, Head of Operations for RTÉ Commercial Television, said:

"RTÉ believes it took the correct and prudent action in not approving the commercials for broadcast on its television services".

Market rival Heineken has also voiced its disapproval of the ad.

In a statement, they said: "We would not, and should not, use anyone in our ads who would appeal to underage."

The ad has now been viewed over 336,000 times on YouTube.