Branson hopes "sense will prevail" over Brexit

Reiterates his stark warning of the consequences of a 'Yes' vote...

Virgin founder Richard Branson has once again unequivocally backed the UK staying in the EU.

The British billionaire issued a stark warning against Brexit at the Friday unveiling of Virgin's new high-speed train:

"The damage it will do to this country, the people who live in this country, will be enormous. So, I really do believe that in the end, sense will prevail".

He is calling on the British public to vote to remain in the EU in the June 23rd referendum. Brexit becoming a reality would, says Branson, be the "saddest day".

He also spoke about how it could affect air travel:

"It’s quite likely that massive numbers of routes will be taken away from easyJet or Ryanair if we exit. The only reason they are allowed to fly in Europe is because we are part of it. I couldn’t see why the EU would be nice to us if we leave. Personally if I was in [the EU’s] shoes I’d want to punish people who desert the ship.

"I hope sense will prevail. I think it would be one of the saddest days for Great Britain and British people. A lot of the European nasties have already been sorted out.

"People talk about bureaucracy. The bureaucracy of all the things we’d have to do if we get out, dealing with all the tax we pay when we export products, that alone will well outweigh the cost of Europe to Britain".

In February, Branson suggested that a Brexit would not only be "very, very damaging for Great Britain" but could also leave to the break up of the EU.