This week on Down to Business: art as investment, dry cleaners & McDonald's MD counts calories

Another jam-packed show to kick-start your weekend...

McDonald's, waiters, table service, Ireland, self-order kiosks

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The show is live tomorrow morning and, as ever, Bobby Kerr will be covering all things business.

Be sure to tune in on air and online from 10:00am so you don’t miss a thing.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • First up, we peruse the papers, looking at the front pages and finding out what’s making a big impact in the business pages. Joining us this week will be Bob Hoffman, partner with Lansdowne Executive Search.
  • With Enda Kenny as our "caretaker Taoiseach", we look at whether interim CEOs or MDs ever head up companies. David Kelly, a director at IndEx Partners, specialises in placing the reins of companies in the hands of high-level employees.
  • Bobby will attempt to find his inner eye, taking a photography course with Owen O'Connor from
  • Is art collecting a profitable business? Ruth Carroll, exhibitions curator at the Royal Hibernian Academy, will tell you whether you should get involved.
  • We'll be taking you to the dry cleaners, with Enda Nolan of The Dry Cleaning Company, Ken Conlon of LykNu and Alfie Hartnett of opening up on their business.
  • Bobby will be catching up with Toni Newman, Professional Innovation Catalyst.
  • Closing this week's show, Adrian Crean, MD of McDonald's Ireland, will be in our Executive Chair...

All this and more on Down to Business from 10:00am until midday, Saturday morning, on air and online.

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