This week on Down to Business: Motivation and deep sea diving, making (more) money online, a UK minister talks Brexit

We have a lot to get through tomorrow...

This week on Down to Business: Motivation and deep sea diving, making (more) money online, a UK minister talks Brexit

Open Europe

This week on Down to Business we’re live and talking all things business.

From EU power wrangling to innovative Irish businesses, and even some deep sea diving - we're covering all the bases!

Here's what we have lined-up:

  • Papers - Ken Murphy the Director General of the Law Society joins us to cast an eye over the Saturday newspapers.
  • The Ecommerce Conundrum - We’re joined by Joan Mulvihill of the Irish Internet Association to look at their new initiative to help Irish business actually benefit from having a website.
  • SFA Small Business Awards - Continuing our series of profiles of some of the finalists in this year’s SFA Small Business Awards - Bobby travelled to Galway to meet Paul Glynn of Topform who manufacture Kitchen Work Tops. Paul is a very progressive business man who insists on incredibly short business meetings!
  • The UK Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Francis Maude - This week the UK Minister for Trade and Investment was in Ireland for a series of engagements to enhance the UK Ireland bilateral trade and investment relationship. Lord Maude had previously served under Margret Thatcher and John Major. Currently serving under David Cameron he was tasked with streamlining the Civil Service. He discusses everything from how losing his seat in the 90’s was like a ‘bereavement’ to what Brexit may mean to Ireland.
  • Alternative Energies - Sun, Wind and Water. This week in our Industry Review we look at the whole area of alternative Energies. We’re joined by representatives of Solar, Hydro and Wind and ask if our future is 'off the grid.'
  • Taming Tigers - Jim Lawless is one of the most popular inspirational speakers in Europe today and the only authority on business change and personal development to have put his life on the line to prove his approach. In August 2010, to test new Taming Tigers theories around mental toughness, he became Britain’s Deepest Freediver, the first Briton to dive below the magic 100m barrier on a single breath of air. He spoke to Bobby when he was in town at the pendulum summit.
  • Business Person of the Month - This month our Category is Health and the winner is Brian Crowley of TTM Healthcare which is a leading global healthcare recruitment company which recently announced the creation of 500 new jobs over the next five years. Brian is a former Irish boxing international.

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