Cardiff Hotel prices jump by 915%

"It doesn't paint a great picture of British hospitality"

Cardiff Hotel prices jump by 915%

Tomorrow night the eyes of the football world will be firmly fixed on Cardiff as Real Madrid and Juventus square off for the biggest prize in European football.

However, travelling fans have been struggling to secure accommodation for the big night.

This problem has been hitting the headlines in Spain and Italy. Marca reports that the cost of a hotel room in the city rocketed by 915% in the lead up to match. Increasing from an average cost per night of £102 to £1,036.

As many as 200,000 people are expected in Wales for the final.

Meanwhile, a spare room for two in Cardiff this weekend is costing an average of just under £1500 sterling on AirBnB or

Sam Chambers is a European Consumer reporter for Bloomberg spoke to Business Breakfast this morning.

He said that while some price inflation is expected - the level in Cardiff has been exceptionally high.

"It's a situation UEFA could and should have seen coming," he told Newstalk.

Similar price hikes were seen when the city - which is home to 341,000 people - hosted matches during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

This time the price gouging is "even more egregious ... more people in Cardiff have cottoned-on to the opportunity which these huge events create," the consumer reporter added.

"It doesn't paint a great picture of British hospitality at all," he concluded.