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Report finds religion is least important issue in Ireland

Survey marked areas in order of importance

Report finds religion is least important issue in Ireland
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Jack Quann
17:33 Wednesday 23 January 2013

A new report shows education is the most important issue for Irish people while religion is seen as the least important.

The Vital Signs survey saw 119 areas of society ranked in order of importance by citizens, and also combined this with published data.

Ireland is the first European country to gauge public sentiment using this method.

We achieved an overall grade of C+ when compared to other countries for satisfaction with life in Ireland.

While areas that people are most satisfied with were arts and culture, education & learning and safety.

The areas that people are least satisfied with were work, equality and financial well-being.

Out of the 119 options that people were presented with the following were top 10 most important issues for those living in Ireland today.

  • The quality of the education system
  • Literacy levels
  • Universities and 3rd-level education
  • Early childhood education
  • Libraries and reading
  • Air quality
  • Numeracy levels
  • Home life of children and young people
  • Educational attainment rates
  • Lifelong learning

The Community Foundation for Ireland, who published the report, say these reflect a clear focus on the future of the country.

The Foundation is a grant-making and philanthropic organisation.

Tina Roche is CEO of the Community Foundation for Ireland and author of the report.

She unveiled the findings of the report today.

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