Low paid commission to examine why it is mostly women who are in minimum wage jobs

Minister has concerns about the proportion of women and young people in low paid work

The Low Paid Commission (LPC) is to examine why so many women are on the minimum wage.

The LPC, which advises the Government on the appropriate rate of the national minimum wage, is also looking at how appropriate sub-minima rates are for young people.

The Minister for Business and Employment Ged Nash told Newstalk Breakfast it is not just about the rate of pay - it is also about the type of contracts on offer:

"What we have asked the Low Pay Commission to do in its next phase is to examine issues around young people in low pay and young people on the minimum wage. And indeed the fact that there is a very large preponderence of women in the workforce who are in minimum wage jobs. In fact 66% of those on the national minimum wage are women."