Iceland kit suppliers struggling to meet demand for jerseys in Scotland

Scottish fans support Scotland and whoever beats England, it seems

It is fair to say that Iceland were an after-thought for most footballs fans heading into the Euros. 

After a battling 0-0 draw with Portugal, another draw against Hungary and an unlikely victory over Austria, the country with less than half a million as their populace have turned France into their playground. 

A 2-1 win against England has turned most Scottish people into Iceland fans too, it seems, as Errea are struggling to meet the demand for jerseys north of England's border. They are also getting requests for Iceland merchandise from other parts of Europe too.

With no team of their own to cheer on at the Euros following a bitterly disappointing qualifying campaign, Scottish fans finally have a reason to tune into what is happening in France.

Fabrizio Taddei, export manager for Errea, was quoted by The Times as saying: "We are having huge demand and since Iceland beat England I has gone crazy. There have been thousands and thousands of orders from Scotland…but there is demand from all over Europe.”

Iceland play France on Sunday with a place in the last four up for grabs. They have defied odds from the first game and look to remain in the competition beyond Sunday, which will surely see plenty more requests for Iceland gear falling at Errea's door.