WATCH: One England fan was quite upset as he lost £20,000 on Iceland game

'Buster the Mascot' wasn't singing anymore after the final whistle went on Monday night

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Picture by: Jonathan Brady / PA Wire/Press Association Images

There were plenty of England fans left very upset after they lost in the Euros against Iceland. 

The team has since faced intense criticism, as pundits and fans alike decried an embarrassing performance, and Roy Hodgson handed in his resignation

That wasn't going to be enough for Buster the Mascot however, who was incensed at the final whistle on Monday night. It wasn't just the result that was irking him, but rather the fact that he lost £20,000 betting on the England team to make it through against an Iceland side that had been written off in the build up to the game. 

During the foul-mouthed rant, 'Buster' also takes out more money and throws it towards the pitch, shouting a tirade of obscenities at them.

Warning - this video contains explicit language

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