WATCH: French fans pay tribute to Irish supporters

"Stand up, for the French police..."

Ireland, France, fans

Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Martin O'Neill and the Irish team have returned home from Euros, but it seems that the fans who traveled to support their team are still being remembered fondly by the locals. 

While other sets of fans caused trouble for the police and clashed with other nations, the Irish fans were warmly welcomed by all and sundry. 

Even the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was glad to have the Irish fans, stating that they were "exemplary in their sportsmanship" as she announced that they would be awarded the Medal of the City of Paris.

They have also been a hit with their rival fans, as French supporters have adopted one of their songs which got plenty of attention online. 

After their victory in the game against Ireland, when a group of French supporters came across the police, they decided to start singing "sit down for the French police", and even the cops themselves got involved.