Jamie Carragher blasts England players for being "soft physically and soft mentally"

The postmortem continues as England try and find the answers to another defeat at a major tournament

Jamie Carragher blasts England players for being "soft physically and soft mentally"

Image: Mike Egerton / EMPICS Sport

After another exit from a major tournament at the knockout stages, the fallout from England's defeat to Iceland has dominated the sports pages since Monday night. 

While fans and pundits have already had a lot to say, former England international Jamie Carragher has stated that the real problem that has plagued the team is that the players "are soft physically and soft mentally." 

Writing in The Daily Mail, he said that he has also been involved in tournaments when England have crashed out, but believes that there is a "weakness that runs through England squads [which] is only getting worse."

Referencing the World Cup in 2010, the Sky Sports pundit said "I was in South Africa in 2010. I heard all the complaints about Fabio Capello and his strict methods and all the grumblings about the base where we stayed in Sun City being too isolated. Do you know the truth? The complaints were bulls**t. We came home early because we were not good enough."

While Roy Hodgson noted in his final press conference that there was a young team in place that will get better and better as the years go on, Carragher railed against that idea stating that the English system has created a generation for whom life is too easy.

"They have been pampered from a young age," writes Carragher, "had money thrown at them and, when things have gone wrong, they have been told it is never their fault. Some 12- and 13-year-olds have agents now."

He further criticises players who claim that they're bored when they're in camp for not using the time to study their future opponents or watch the games that are broadcast on television, and adds that the blame should not be left squarely at Hodgson's door.

"Why won't they take responsibility? They live lives now with personal assistants, player liaison officers, nannies and agents organising every little detail for them. Some wouldn't even know how to book a holiday or an appointment at the dentist for themselves."

"When things go wrong, they retreat back into them to be told it wasn't their fault," surmises Carragher. "That is the Academy Generation. The generation that became too soft."

Via The Daily Mail