One England fan critical and two seriously injured after Marseille clashes

Video has emerged showing what appeared to Russian fans attacking England supporters inside the stadium

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England fans clash with French Police in Marseille.

An England supporter is in critical condition tonight - and two others have been seriously injured - after violence worsened during a third day of trouble in Marseille.

A gang of well-organised Russian fans is suspected to have clashed with England fans hours ahead of tonight’s match between the two nations.

There have also been reports that violence has broken out at the end of the match with video showing what appeared to Russian fans attacking England supporters inside the ground.

Pictures showed England fans having to jump over barriers as they left the ground in a hurry.

Earlier, police used water cannon, tear gas, dogs and batons to control England fans at the old port in Marseille, and outside the stadium just before England kicked off their campaign.

During one street battle, armed police officers carried out CPR in the street on one man who had suffered severe facial injuries.

Footage posted on Twitter showed a man getting stamped in the face by another man wearing a black t-shirt and a third man being punched repeatedly as someone lies motionless on the ground.

Further footage showed fighting on a set of steps in the city that led to one man smashing a chair over another's head and other chairs being thrown.

Images from the waterfront in the city show French police firing tear gas cans at massing groups of fans.

Riot squads carrying batons have rushed at one small group where chairs were seen flying through the air, pinning at least one man to the ground.

A number of other people have been marched away. French police said they were forced to intervene after clashes between rival fans.

"Police intervened in a clash between English, Russian and French supporters in the Vieux-Port district," said local police chief Laurent Nunez.

Marseille MP Patrick Mennucci's demanded that the UK pays towards the costs of the clean-up operation.

There was some concern that British advice on controlling England fans was ignored in Marseille on Friday night, when trouble flared for a second time and officers were forced to separate rival fans in the Vieux Port area.

On that occasion, riot police marched towards hundreds of England fans who ran down the street and threw bottles at officers, who used tear gas to disperse them.

Hundreds of fans remained singing the national anthem - as well as songs about the IRA, German bombers being shot down and voting to leave the EU.

Fist fights broke out between English and French-speaking men, with one man being thrown into the harbour after being beaten.

Several fans were arrested.

England manager Roy Hodgson appeared uncomfortable talking about the hooliganism at a news conference to preview the Russia match, saying he hoped supporters in France could "avoid any troubles lurking around the corner".
English hooligans made headlines in the town 18 years ago during the 1998 World Cup.

Romain Davesne, a journalist at local newspaper La Marseillaise, said: "We were all waiting for it because 18 years ago it happened at the World Cup.

"All the security were warned about it and that's why they gave an answer back. Back in World Cup 98 it was worse so they wanted to make sure it didn't happen again.

"The Marseille fans do not break the city down themselves, they were giving a reaction."

The Football Association said in a statement: "We are really disappointed by the scenes of disorder in Marseille and condemn such behaviour.

"The FA urges supporters who are travelling to Marseille to act in a respectful manner and enjoy the match against Russia."