Searching for Euro 2016's mascot 'Super Victor' online can lead you to some very NSFW places

The name chosen by 50,000 football fans is also the name of a sex toy that cannot be unseen

Euro 2016, Super Victor, Sex Toy, Mascot

Super Victor, the official Euro 2016 mascot [UEFA]

With the first game of Euro 2016 set to kick off in Paris this evening, every aspect of the tournament, from its safety preparations to potential strike interruptions, has been scrutinised in Google searches. The same applies for Super Victor, the official mascot. Although some Google Image searches suggest Super Victor is a World Cup-sized sex toy.

Unveiled in 2014, the real Victor is a child superhero who sports the blue kit of the French national side and a red cape. His superpower appears to come from a magic-infused costume that grants him the power to cheat and carry out a number of illegal moves on – and above – the pitch. You can watch Super Victor's origins story in the two-minute below. Videos of the other Super Victor in action can be found on your own time.

But it turns out that the fan-chosen name of Super Victor shares its name with a sex toy, after more than 50,000 votes on the official UEFA website selected the name over the likes of ‘Driblou’ and ‘Goalix’.

Replying to The Guardian, a spokesman for UEFA said: “All we can say is that [the sex toys] are not produced by UEFA.”

The last time France played host to a major international football competition, the mascot was Footix, a cock. Ironically not a dildo, that time.


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