Au, what a pain! Sandwiches may be checked by security before Euro 2016 games

Nothing seems to be off-limits as security cranks up ahead of the tournament

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Picture by: Andrew Matthews / EMPICS Sport

If you're packing a few sandwiches to bring to Euro 2016 games, be careful! The sandwiches could be investigated by security teams at the stadiums, and as we all know, once a sandwich is opened, it's ruined.

According to Bloombergsandwiches may be checked going into each of the ten venues around France. The move comes on the back of last weekend's French Cup final between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille in the Stade de France.

Fans from both team were seen fighting inside the stadium and fires were lit in seated areas around Marseille's fans during the game. The Parisian side won the game 4-2.

Irish fans love bring sandwiches to games. Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Jacque Lambert, the head of the tournament's organising committee, has admitted that Stade de France security believe that sandwiches may have been one of the causes of the trouble inside the stadium.

"I was told that certain smoke bombs were smuggled inside sandwiches... Instead of putting a sausage, they stuck a smoke bomb inside the bread. If that means we need to open everyone’s sandwich, our task becomes particularly complicated."

Security is expected to be at its tightest in France throughout the tournament after recent attacks in Paris. A two-metre high wall will be erected around all of the stadia to deter terrorist attacks in June and July.

For those who were looking to avoid paying over the odds for food at the venues however, it looks like the trusted sandwich may be one of the items to be given "special treatment" this summer around France.