Fianna Fail hopeful for imminent government deal

Green Party and others are anticipating another election

Fianna Fáil negotiators say they're hopeful of a deal on a government in the coming days.

Talks are continuing today as the 32nd Dáil meets for just the 5th time. Irish Water is the big issue between the two parties.

The Taoiseach revealing nothing as he arrived at government buildings this morning.

Fianna Fáil negotiator Barry Cowen was a bit more talkative, saying he hopes for a deal in the coming days: "That's the plan, that's the hope, but from our perspective, no more that Fianna Gail's perspective, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed."

Fine Gael negotiator Paschal Donohoe says they're trying to reach a deal that would work for them and Fianna Fáil: "We are all working hard to come up with a concepts and principles that will do the right thing by the country and will be acceptable by our party."

Labour leader Joan Burton has warned her party to be prepared for a second election.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan states they also have an eye on returning to the doorsteps: "They've got to sort out the Irish Water issue, and if they don't sort that, as far as I can see, there'll be another election."

Similarly, the Social Democrats' Stephen Donnelly said: "Well, I think you would be foolish not to be thinking about another election, sadly."

While one Independent Danny Healy Rae says Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil want another election: 

Talks aimed at preventing that and forming a minority government continue today.

It comes as Labour leader Joan Burton has written Labour Party members to advise them that she is making preparations for a fresh election.

She also appears to have ruled out the idea of Labour re-joining Fine Gael in government.

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