Government orders new general election polling cards

The Department of the Environment says it is "standard practice"

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Members of the public at Burrow School, Sutton in Dublin casting votes in the Presidential election in 2011 | Image:

The Department of the Environment has confirmed it has started a tendering process for new general election polling cards.

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has asked for a supply of "Polling Information Cards for General Elections / Bye Elections".

The tendering process closes on April 20th at midday.

While the timing may seem interesting amid talk of a possible second election, the department says this is standard practice after an election is held.

In a statement to, the Department of the Environment says: "It is standard practice to take an inventory of all election stationery after each poll and quantities are replenished where necessary to ensure that the required stock is in place for the next electoral event whenever that may be".

"It takes time to restock some items".

It adds: "The request for tenders for the supply of polling information cards now is part of the replenishment process and would have issued irrespective of the government formation process following the Dáil election on 26 February 2016".

It comes as the Dáil is set to meet again on April 14th, as no new Taoiseach will be elected today.

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