Enda Kenny believes forming a stable government is still a possibility

The Taoiseach was speaking at a special breakfast at the residence of US Vice President Joe Biden

Enda Kenny believes forming a stable government is still a possibility

Image: Embassy of Ireland USA via Twitter

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has stated that a stable government that can last can still be put together.

Mr Kenny was speaking at the beginning of his trip to the United States for St Patrick's Day, addressing a gathering over breakfast at the home of US Vice President Joe Biden in the Naval Observatory.

The caretaker Taoiseach also met with President Obama this afternoon.

Following the meeting, he said anti-austerity politicians across Europe "tend to run from responsibility":

Earlier, Mr Kenny said he was confident that a new government can be formed, stating that "we will be able to put together a stable government that will last the time and do the business in the interest of the country". 

Mr Kenny added that Ireland is not unaffected by the anti-austerity and populism that has been seen across Europe, but noted that  some of those elected had no interest in the responsibility of governing for the people.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny (left) accompanied by his wife Fionnula with US Vice President Joe Biden | Image: Embassy of Ireland, Washington DC

Highlighting that Ireland has had one of the highest rates of economic growth in Europe recently, he added that anti-austerity governments around Europe "do not to have the courage to be decisive and make decision in the interest of countries and of people". 

Paying tribute to Mr Kenny, MrBiden stated that he was still the most popular politician in Ireland, and that he would do quite well if he were to run for election in the United States.

"He lost seats in the last election, but when I said something to him about it earlier, he said 'this is going to work out'. I can assure you if he ran in America, he would get 80% of the vote".

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