How did the first count day play out on social media?

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram... This election went digital

It was described as the first real digital election and over the course of the Results weekend, that point was certainly proven.

With ballot boxes being opened, videos, snapchat, vines, tweets, Facebook live, the entire weekend was recorded over various social networks.

And we mean everything was recorded. Who owned that obstructing Peugeot?

Here's how the day played out on social media.

First came the box openings:

There was, of course, the much needed public announcement:

And the saw came out:

And there was Gerry Adams:

And there were the ones who came prepared:

Enda was a little bit quiet on the other hand last night:

To all our supporters; For your hard work over the last few weeks- simply- thank you #ge16

Posted by Enda Kenny on Friday, 26 February 2016
Since the polls closed last night, there have been over 47k Tweets sent mentioning #GE16. 
The Healy Raes were an important part of Kerry's coverage of the day:

And then came the counts:


At the RDS #ge16

A photo posted by Jessica Kelly (@jessicackelly) on

Michael Lowry arrived to rapturous applause in Tipperary:

There were celebrations:

And there were some tears:

All the time, the Newstalk teams continued on strong:

Some counts continued into the early hours of Sunday morning:

And the King even made an appearance...

Live from @ElectionNT