"I don't know whether he wears his cap in bed or not" - The Healy-Raes on sharing a room if elected

Danny and Michael spoke to Jonathan Healy this afternoon

From the early tallies today, it looks like both Michael and Danny Healy-Rae will take two seats in Kerry.

The pair spoke to Jonathan Healy on Lunchtime today about the possible success and what it would mean to them to win the two seats in the constituency.

Danny Healy-Rae said the brothers had asked for number one and two votes across the constituency, stating that they could give the parties a lesson in vote management.

Michael Healy Rae said: "We're very humbled, deeply humbled, by the massive vote we're after getting yesterday.

Jonathan asked the pair if they would share a room together to share on expenses if they were elected. Michael responded: "I never went into bed with a man yet and I won't do it in Dublin either."

Danny said: "I've no notion because I don't know whether he wears his cap in bed or not."

You can listen to their interview here:

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