Yates: "The certainty is, on the 10th of March, no Taoiseach will be elected"

Ivan Yates, Odran Flynn and Shane Coleman take a look at what could happen today

The ballot boxes were opened this morning at 9am and the first tallies started to come through by 09.30am.

Following the announcement of the early tallies from around the country, some of our experts made their predictions of what they thought the counts would go like for the rest of the day.

Newstalk Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates stated: "It now looks like they'll be between 45 and 50. It looks like Labour had a plan to get 15 seats and they will be somewhere between 6 and ten.

"Very hard to call that, it could be as low as four. But the key point is, take the best totals, 50 plus 10 = 60. It's 20 short of any type of government, you cannot fill that gap with Independents and so on.

"This Government cannot be re-elected. The public were given a choice between stability and chaos and they have chosen chaos."

He continued: "There is only set of coalition parties that gets over the 80 magic figure of a workable majority and that is, whether people like it or dislike it, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail together, is the only basis of a stable government.

"So the certainty is, on 10th of March, no Taoiseach will be elected. Enda Kenny will carry on as a lame duck, caretaker Taoiseach and after that, if there isn't a Fine Gael/Fianna Fail option, there will be a minority government that will limp on for a while but will be broke down at the drop of a hat and therefore the prospect of another election.

You can listen back to this interview here:

Newstalk political analyst Odran Flynn and Political Editor Shane Coleman joined Newstalk Breakfast this morning to discuss the early tallies and what they might indicate.

Odran, while looking at the early tallies, reckoned that Fine Gael could be looking at 47 seats while Fianna Fail looking at 41. 

Shane, on the other hand, declared that Fianna Fail would break 40 seats and take possibly 43 or 44. He thought that Fine Gael might only possibly be only a few ahead of that.

Below is their interview:

Stay with us throughout the day for an update on those seats and the latest analysis on those figures.

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