Which Oscar nominee do Irish political leaders most look like?

And Newstalk presenters, for good measure

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AAA/PBP politician Richard Boyd Barrett and Juliette Binoche, Best Supporting Actress in 1997 for 'The English Patient'

With the 88th Academy Awards just two nights away, you may well get to wondering which nominee in Oscar’s 88-year-history you most resemble. And now Bing, your favourite second-choice search engine, has developed a feature to help you find out as part of its Guide to the Academy Awards.

All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself – or indeed any presentable radio personality or political leader in the country – and the engine finds the closest Oscar-nominated doppelganger.

The matches are based on facial structure, taking account of jawline shape, eye spacing and the shape of the nose, and the matches ignore hair length and colour. This means that the matches share a similar facial structure, but their genders might be mixed.

You can find your own match here, and take a look through some of our own in the gallery below:

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