Aodhán Ó Ríordáin talks getting tear-gassed, breaking the law and being a sex symbol

The Dublin Bay North TD joined Seán Moncrieff for the last ever Quick Fire Candidates of the election

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Minister of State Aodhan O Riordain in The Little Museum of Dublin with a cartoon of 1916 rising by artist Fergal McCarthy | Image:

As part of Newstalk's Election Coverage, the Moncrieff Show has been testing some of the candidates in a series of quick-fire questions that they will likely not be asked anywhere else.

On today's show it was the turn of Labour candidate for Dublin Bay North, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin - aka The Minister for Hugs and Drugs.

Last time you got drunk I haven't had a drink since the 28th of December - I might have a pint on Friday at 10 o'clock

Are you a socialist? I would describe myself as a socialist - people have different views in their head as to what those things mean. I'm a social democrat

Do you have a side of the bed that you sleep on? Yes - I'm on the right

Who is your favourite political journalist? Well I married one - Alison O'Connor is very fair

Do you do any impressions? I do far too many impressions. Mainly politicians, I do a good Eamon Dunphy and I try doing a good John Gilles Do you do a Joan Burton impersonation? I think Joan is aware of it!

Where was your first kiss? In the Gaeltacht in 1991, and her name was Ursula Cunningham and if she's listening she's from Roscommon

Least favourite household chore Anything connected with the spare room, anything connected with the bathroom, anything connected with the kitchen

Have you ever had penalty points on your licence? Can I tell you a true story? I was late coming here...I went through the College Green corridor by mistake, I actually genuinely took a wrong turn

Did you ever consider joining another political party? I had a great flirtation with the hard left as a student - I once went on a demo with them in Genoa, and I got teargas for my trouble

The meanest thing you ever heard on the doorsteps The very first door I ever knocked on for myself in 2004, a guy came out in his dressing down and he didn't say a word he just slammed it right in my face

Are you a sex symbol? One guy told me I was a sex symbol because I was a prick

If you could press the ejector seat on one TD, who would it be? I will pick Robert Dowds from my own party - partly because he's being ejected anyway, but he's the worst heckler in the world

Have you ever been offered a bribe? No

The last time you lied Maybe I've already done it in this interview!

Would you like to be Taoiseach? Yeah, but I don't think it's ever going to happen

What colour socks are you wearing right now? I'm wearing thermal ones cause I was in a DART station this morning at 7 o'clock. They're black and fluffy - it's like I have my feet in two kittens

How much money have you raised for you personal campaign and from where? Mostly through individual donations, and I had two fundraisers How much have you raised? About €3,500

Best ever Labour Party leader I think Dick Spring, he had a certain gravitas about him

Listen to the full interview below:

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