Final live TV election campaign debate to take place tonight

The debate is set to kick off from 9.35pm

image via RTE

image via RTE

The final live TV debate of the election campaign takes places tonight.

The leaders of the four main parties will make their final pitch for votes on RTE One's Prime Time from 9.35pm.

It comes as polls show a tight race and the possibility of a hung Dáil.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny says he's looking forward to the debate: "There are some very important things to say, because the people have a very important decision to make on Friday. In my view, it's probably the most critical political decision the Irish electorate will make of the last forty or fifty years because it determines whether the country will go forwards or backwards. Whether we will continue the onward path of progress, or whether we end up with instability and uncertainty."

We will be live-tweeting the event from @NewstalkFM on Twitter, and check back in after the debate for our #RealityCheck reactions.

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