Damien English talks lying, Jesus Christ and what if Margaret Thatcher was his mother?

The Meath West TD joined Seán Moncrieff for Quick Fire Candidates

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As part of Newstalk's Election Coverage, the Moncrieff Show has been testing some of the candidates in a series of quick-fire questions that they will likely not be asked anywhere else.

On today's show it was the turn of Damien English, the Fine Gael TD for Meath West.

Did you ever considered joining another political party? No, not really. I kind of fell into politicians and a teacher got me involved in Fine Gael

Have you ever written a letter of resignation? No

Favourite American president Obama - I've always liked him even before he was president

If you could change one thing from your political CV We've been campaigning for a train for Navan for years and years - if I had any regrets (it's that) that hasn't happened yet

What one superpower would you like? To be able to get some people to stay quiet at times in the Dáil

What do you think about when you're alone in your car? Getting home to the family

Name two politicians from history you would like to have had as parents I think Michael Collins would have been interesting as a father - Margaret Thatcher would have been very interesting!

A politician from another Irish political party you admire I've a lot of time for Pat Rabbitte

Your favourite pizza toppings I'm limited enough now cause I'm a bit of a margarita man - probably pepperoni, extra cheese, more sauce

What famous event in history would you like to have witnessed? Probably 1916 Rising

A book that influenced you Ryanair's book - Michael O'Leary's, very fond of that book ("A Life in Full Flight")

Signature dish to cook I can manage the breakfast, I'm not bad as lasagna either

The last time you lied Probably telling the kids the playground was closed at the weekend so I could go canvassing

Would you resign rather than go into coalition with Fianna Fáil? It'd be foolish to resign after going for election

First thing you would do if you won the lotto Probably finish the house

Have you had a nickname? I had a few of them alright - 'Wolf; would have been the most one. Let's put it this way, I've more than one jumper on

What did you want to be when you grew up? Naturally being in Meath I wanted to be a county footballer

What posters did you have on your wall as a teenager? I live in a very holy house, so JC was probably on the wall

What's in your pocket at the moment? I'm not one for wallets, so anything that should be in a wallet is in my pocket

What one law would you abolish? I think allowing posters at election time, I'd abolish that

Have you seen any political slogans you wished you'd thought of? I did like the one 'A lot done, More to do' - but were couldn't use it cause it was ruined and spoiled by a previous crowd

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