Anti-Austerity Alliance accuses some ministers of personal bias

Ruth Coppinger says the 25% of our TDs who are landlords must be compromised on housing votes

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File photo: Ruth Coppinger, TD

The Anti-Austerity Alliance has accused two ministers of allowing their own personal interests to influence their decisions.

The group says Alan Kelly and Paudie Coffey have refused to consider rent controls because they are both private landlords.

The party's housing policy calls for rent controls on private property, while the State would also undertake major building programmes to provide affordable housing.

Ruth Coppinger says too many TDs oppose rent control because they would themselves be affected by it:

"One in four of our TDs are landlords, with multiple properties.

Paudie Coffey is - he is the housing minister. Does't that make him somewhat biased? Alan Kelly is a landlord aswell.

That's why they have this in-built idea of not wanting to interfere with the market."

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